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Corporate and Bulk Booking


What Are Some Of The Benefits Your Business Can Benefit From?

Business Selection

  1. Assortment: Shop from the widest assortment of office consumables and everyday essentials
  2. Authentic IT And Office Essentials: Toners, inks, white paper, envelopes, USB drives etc we stock only authentic essentials you need to make your business flourish
  3. Dedicated Account Manager: A specialist dedicated to serving all your needs


Business Pricing

  1. Business Bulk Pricing: Enjoy exclusive volume discounts on a wide range of items
  2. Request For Quotes: Email us your list of items and we will get back to you with availability and pricing
  3. Flat Delivery Rate: Flat Delivery Rate: Pay KSh250 only for one delivery irrespective of size of purchase.


Business Solution

  1. Minimize Cash Handling: Minimize the risks that come with cash handling in an organization
  2. Track Your Spending: All your Lemaiyan Suites invoices remain in your account so it’s easy to monitor and analyze your consumption
  3. Create Approvals: Customize your organization’s approval workflows


What Companies Use Us For

Corporate Procurements

  1. Office Supplies (Papers, Cartridges, Toners, IT Accessories, Toiletries)
  2. Office Provision (Water, Coffee Etc)


Delivery Windows Gift Cards & Team Incentives

  1. Give Employees Performance Incentives Which They Can Use for Grocery Purchases
  2. Individually Customized Coupon Codes to Be Used Multiple Times


Fresh Produce Delivery

  1. Fresh Fruit Delivery Service
  2. We Deliver 7 Days A Week
  3. Wide Range of Basket Options
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