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Lemaiyan Suites Guest Policy



On behalf of Lemaiyan Suites, we would like to welcome you to our luxury hotel. We are very pleased you have chosen to stay with us. Your reservation will be subject to the Rules and Regulations set out below. When you make your reservation, you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted our Rules & Regulations.


Making a Reservation and booking


Guests can contact us directly to make a reservation. You could either call us on +254 …………………. or +254 ……………………….., email us at [email protected] or fill out the form in our book now section that will send your enquiry directly to us. Upon confirming your dates, an invoice will be sent to you. Please note that reservations are only valid when the full amount has been made and until amount has been received your chosen dates can still be given away. After paying, a confirmation receipt will be issued to you via email.


Please NOTE: All guests MUST provide their full name, valid phone number and valid email address for a booking confirmation to be forwarded.


Reservation Validity


Reservation confirmations in the form of confirmation receipts are provided for all bookings made; please keep your confirmation receipt as it may be requested by the management or the caretaker upon arrival. A receipt will only be produced upon full payment of the room charges. The receipt includes; your basic personal details, dates of stay, the amount you have paid room rates, and the number of guests. In the event of discrepancies, alterations, or modifications between the guest’s confirmation and our official records, Lemaiyan Suites official records shall prevail. Tampering with the reservation information is strictly prohibited


Travel agents


We accept no responsibilities for bookings that are made by and through unauthorized travel agents. Also, travel agents are obligated to contact Lemaiyan Suites to confirm availability of the dates and rates offered. Travel agents should contact Lemaiyan Suites before advertising our properties with the aim of making sales.




Official rates are to be viewed on either Lemaiyan Suites website or our social media pages only. The prices indicated are non-negotiable, service charges are included in the rates provided. Any additional charges such as chef or cook for our air bnb style accommodation are charged separately and to the individual (s).


Payment Methods




Payments may be made via Safaricom’s Mpesa through the phone number or till number provided on the invoice.


Bank Transfer


Guests have the option of arranging a bank transfer, however, please notify the management via email or phone if you wish to pay via this method. Please provide your full name, bank name, and payment date and payment confirmation number so that we can track the payment.


Payment policy


In case of an extended stay of more than 7 nights, guests have to settle all outstanding payments on a weekly basis. Hotel will be unable to provide further accommodation prior to settlement of the outstanding amount.


Check-in and Check-out


In order to avoid complications with incoming guests, please strictly adhere to the following CheckIn and Check-Out times below. Late check-out or early check-in can only be pre-arranged with management and can only be offered if there are no incoming guests on your day of departure.


Check-In ………..


Check-Out ………………


There is a late check- out fee of Kshs. 3000/- past ………..


Please Note: In the event of a breach of these Rules and Regulations, Lemaiyan Suites may refuse to provide further services to the person who breaches them.


Cancellation and Refund Policy


The percentages outlined below are levied against the full booking amount. The full booking amount are subject to the below:


5+ days prior to arrival date: 100% refund 3-4 days prior to arrival: 50% refund


0-2 days prior to arrival: full booking amount is NOT refundable.


Cancellation Fee


Reservation cancelled less than 24 hours to the booking start dates will be levied a cancellation fee of Ksh. 5,000/-, in addition to the full booking amount being withheld.


Please Note: Guests must cancel the booking via the same platform it was processed. I.e. phone or email. Refunds will be processed via the same payment channel as the deposit was made, without management incurring any transaction fees.


Management will attempt to process any refunds as soon as possible. Refunds are not offered in case of;


Power outages


Poor weather


Early check outs (due to the above or any other circumstances deemed to be beyond the


managements control)


The management will strive to minimize any disruptions or discomfort to guests under these conditions.


Guest Policy


Only the maximum number of guests listed for each accommodation will be allowed to stay, any extra occupants (even infants and children) must be pre-arranged. Lemaiyan Suites management do not allow any day or overnight guests, ONLY those paying to use the facility.


Management reserves the right to turn back and/or evict any unwanted persons from the facility. Breaching the guest policy may result in your booking being cancelled or terminated early.


In any event that the guest has stated that they will be exceeding the maximum capacity of each of our units by one or two persons, an extra cost of Ksh……………………… per day or night will need to be paid per extra guest by the person who made the booking. Kindly note that the decision to accept an extra guest, despite the option of additional pay, remains with management. Management reserves the right of admission.


Purchases from the Hotel Online Shop:


Prices of the items are subject to applicable taxes and fees and payment will be in accordance to the payment methods provided herein.


In the event a guest is ordering after they have left the hotel premises, shipping fee will be applicable depending on the delivery location.


Photography and Videography


We do not allow the use of photos or videos taken on Lemaiyan Suites properties for self-promotion, personal businesses, blogging or vlogging without the express knowledge and permission of management.


Additionally, we do not allow the use of our properties/facilities for unauthorized professional or commercial photography or videography (adverting shoots, model/fashion shoots/ filming and etc)




Guests may shoot non- commercial photography or video for their own personal use (with no professional equipment, lighting etc) on the property but should be mindful of the privacy and wellbeing of other guests / neighbors in the area.


Professional photography /videography will only be allowed if Lemaiyan Suites management has given their permission before the shoot.


Kindly note that unauthorized professional photographers / videographers who are not guests of Lemaiyan Suites will be asked to leave the property immediately.




The management does not accept responsibility for any injury or death howsoever caused within the premises at the pool area or anywhere else on the property. Please note that the property a pool that doesn’t have a fence round it, fully glass windows and low railing in elevated areas.


Please take caution as some of the floors steps can be slippery. Further, please look at our safety precautions around the pool area here.


Weapon policy


At Lemaiyan Suites, the safety and well-being of our guests and staff are our top priorities. To ensure a secure and comfortable environment for everyone, we have established the following weapon and firearm policy. By staying at our hotel, you agree to adhere to these guidelines.


1. Prohibited Weapons:


The possession, use, or storage of the following items within the premises of Lemaiyan is strictly prohibited:


Firearms, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, and any other type of gun


Knives of any kind.


Explosives and explosive materials


Tasers or stun guns


Martial arts or self-defense weapons


Any item designed or intended for use as a weapon


2. Exceptions:


Exceptions to the prohibition may be considered on a case-by-case basis and require prior written approval from hotel management. Exceptions are typically limited to law enforcement officers or other authorized personnel.


3. Notification Requirement:


If you are a law enforcement officer or possess a valid license to carry a concealed weapon, you must notify the hotel management upon check-in. Failure to do so may result in eviction from the premises.


4. Safe Storage:


If an exception is granted, the weapon must be securely stored. Under no circumstances should weapons be left unattended in guest rooms or public areas.


5. Reporting:


Guests are encouraged to report any violations of this weapon policy or any suspicious behavior immediately to hotel staff or security.


6. Eviction:


Any guest found in violation of this weapon policy may be asked to leave the premises immediately without a refund. Legal authorities may be notified if necessary.


7. Legal Compliance:


This weapon and firearm policy are in accordance with our firearm Act of Kenya. Guests are responsible for understanding and complying with all applicable laws regarding the possession and use of weapons.


8. Amendments:


Lemaiyan Suites reserves the right to amend this weapon and firearm policy at any time. Any changes will be communicated to guests through appropriate channels.


Use of photos and videos


Purpose of clause: This clause outlines the terms under which the Hotel may use photos, videos, and individual images of the Guest for promotional and marketing purposes, while ensuring compliance with the General Data Protection Rules, the Data Protection Act of Kenya, and the Constitution of Kenya.


Consent for Use:


1. Scope of Use: The Guest hereby grants the Hotel the right to use photos, videos, and


individual images taken during the stay at the hotel for promotional purposes. This


includes but is not limited to social media pages, brochures, profiles, magazines, and the


hotel’s official website. The use of the image and name may also include its distribution


to third parties, such as media outlets or partners of the hotel. The guest therefore


consents to the collection, use and disclosure of their image, including disclosure to


overseas recipients, as outlined. The hotel will take all reasonable measures to prevent


unauthorized access. In case of a data breach or unauthorized access, the hotel will


promptly notify the guest and take appropriate steps to remedy the situation.


The intellectual property (including copyright, trademark, and other related rights) of any data and/or information covered by this consent form shall be assigned to the hotel and will become the property of hotel.


The guest waives any right to approve the finished product or products or the advertising copy or printed matter that may be used in conjunction therewith or the use to which it may be applied.


2. Duration of Use: The Guest agrees that the Hotel may use the images for an indefinite


period unless otherwise specified in writing. The Guest may revoke this consent at any


time in writing.


3. Protection of Personal Data: The Hotel agrees to comply with the General Data


Protection Rules, the Data Protection Act of Kenya, and the Constitution of Kenya in the


collection, processing, and storage of any personal data associated with the images.


4. Limitation of Use: The Hotel agrees not to use the images in a manner that could be


deemed defamatory, obscene, or in violation of any applicable laws.


Revocation of Consent: The Guest reserves the right to revoke this consent at any time by providing written notice to the Hotel. Upon receipt of such notice, the Hotel will cease using the images for promotional purposes.


Release and Indemnification: The Guest releases and discharges the Hotel from any claims, liabilities, or demands arising out of or in connection with the use of the images, including any claims for defamation, invasion of privacy, or infringement of any personal or proprietary right.


Confidentiality: The Hotel agrees to treat all personal data associated with the images as confidential and will not disclose it to any third party without the express written consent of the Guest.


Governing Law: This clause shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Kenya.


This clause constitutes the entire understanding between the Hotel and the Guest regarding the use of images and supersedes any prior agreements or understandings, whether written or oral.


Swimming Pool


The swimming pool is a common facility shared amongst all the guest, guests are required to respect all other users by:


Keeping noise to a minimum.


Desisting from unruly and inappropriate behavior of any kind.


Sharing the pool by allowing the other guests/neighbors to also use the pool. Additionally;


No diving in the pool which may result in injury.


No carrying of food, utensils or glasses or drinks/ beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) in or


around the pool area.


Strictly no jumping from an elevated area into the pool.


All children should always use the pool under adults’ supervision.


Use of the swimming pool is for residents only.


The swimming pool area has NO life guard (confirm this please) and thus swimming or any other activities are undertaken entirely at the guests’ risk. Please note in order for guests to fully appreciate our stunning views, there are some areas which are un railed therefore there is risk of serious injury or worse. Please also be careful not to slip around the pool area.


Our pool times are STRICTLY between 9.00AM and 5.00PM. Guests are not allowed around the pool area past 6.00 PM for their personal safety. (confirm this clause as well)


Missing items and Damages


Although Lemaiyan Suites management takes every possible step to ensure the safety and security of all guest’s possessions, final responsibility for these items lies with the guest. Please ensure all your possessions are accounted for during check out. No items of any kind that are the property of Lemaiyan Suites properties are to be carried away from the properties as this is STRICTLY forbidden and will be considered as theft and is an actionable offense.


Any items left behind by the guest at Lemaiyan Suites properties, shall be returned upon request of the said guest and will be returned at the guest’s expense. Missing items will be stored for 15 days before disposal.




The guest should immediately notify us of any damages or loss or destruction of any item as soon as possible. All breakages and damages are chargeable. Additionally, the management holds the person who made the initial booking responsible for the payment of any breakages and damages.




Indecent behavior including nudity, immorality, drunkenness, violence, prostitution, or any conduct deemed to be illegal or inappropriate is strictly forbidden on the property. Smoking of cigarettes,


bhang or vaping is strictly prohibited. Any behavior that is deemed by management to fall under the above will result in your eviction from the property and depending on the seriousness of the act committed, legal action.


Consumption of illegal substances is STRICTLY prohibited. If you are found to be in the possession of illegal substances or using illegal substances, the management has the right to evict guests from the property.


Our staff at Lemaiyan Suites are also expected to be treated respectfully and guests should be mindful of the language and conduct they have around our staff. Any form of harassment be it sexual or otherwise will not be tolerated and prosecution may arise from such acts.




Pets are strictly NOT allowed in the hotel premises. Security Check-in and Providing Identification Documents:


All guests are required to pass through security check-in procedures.


It is Mandatory for all customers and their visitor guests to share their ID cards. Foreign Nationals are required to present their passport and valid visa.


Privacy of data collected.


At Lemaiyan Suites, the security and privacy of our guests are of utmost importance. This clause outlines the use of privacy data collected during the security check-in process. By completing the security check-in, you consent to the terms outlined below:


Purpose of Data Collection:


The personal information collected during the security check-in, including but not limited to names, identification details, and contact information, is solely for the purpose of ensuring the safety and security of our guests, staff, and the hotel premises.


Data Storage and Security:


All collected data is securely stored in compliance with applicable data protection laws. We employ industry-standard security measures to protect your information from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.


Access to Information:


Access to your security check-in data is restricted to authorized personnel involved in ensuring the safety and security of the hotel. This includes security personnel, management, and any third-party security services engaged by the hotel.


Data Retention:


We retain your security check-in data for a period deemed necessary for security purposes. After this period, your data will be securely deleted.


Sharing of Information:


We do not disclose your security check-in information to third parties unless required by law or for the purpose of preventing or investigating unlawful activities.


Legal Basis for Processing:


The processing of your security check-in data is based on the legitimate interests pursued by Lemaiyan Suites in maintaining a safe and secure environment for all guests and staff.


Guest Rights:


You have the right to request access to, correction, or deletion of your security check-in data. For any inquiries or requests related to your data, please contact our Data Protection Officer at info@lemaiyan suites.com.




By completing the security check-in process, you provide explicit consent to the collection, processing, and storage of your personal information as outlined in this clause.


Other Rules and Regulations:


Guests are expected to comply with all local laws and regulations.


Guests are also expected to follow all guest rules and regulations attached herein, displayed in the hotel rooms and all other areas of the hotel.


Any behavior deemed inappropriate or illegal may result in eviction without refund.


By staying at our hotel, guests agree to all the terms and they agree to abide by this Guest Policy. The hotel reserves the right to amend this policy without prior notice.

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