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Long island ice tea


A potent mix of gilbey’s gin, vodka, white rum, tequila, and triple sec, balanced with lime and topped with cola. a cocktail powerhouse.



Plunge into the multifaceted world of the Long Island Iced Tea, a legendary cocktail known for its bold blend and deceptive smoothness. At its core lies a robust fusion of spirits: the sharp clarity of Gilbey’s gin, the neutral bite of vodka, the Caribbean touch of white rum, the bold spirit of tequila, and the citrusy zest of Triple sec. This powerful ensemble is expertly balanced with the zesty tang of fresh lime juice, ensuring harmony in complexity. The grand finish is a top-up of cola, lending sweetness, effervescence, and the iconic iced tea hue. Every sip is a testament to cocktail craftsmanship.


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