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Blood cleansing smoothie – beetroot+green apple+grated ginger


A detoxifying blend: earthy beetroot, tangy green apple, and spicy grated ginger. a smoothie crafted for purification and vitality.


Embark on a journey of purification with the Blood Cleansing Smoothie, meticulously designed to nourish and detoxify. At its heart is the rich, earthy flavor of beetroot, renowned for its blood-cleansing properties and its ability to promote optimal circulatory health. Introducing a contrasting zing is the tangy bite of green apple, adding both freshness and essential antioxidants. The final kick comes from the spicy undertones of grated ginger, known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and its power to boost metabolism. Each ingredient synergistically works to cleanse and rejuvenate, making this smoothie not just a treat for the palate, but a tonic for the body.


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