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Dry martin


An elegant classic: sharp gilbey’s gin and dry vermouth, perfectly stirred or shaken, garnished with olives. the pinnacle of cocktail sophistication.



Step into the refined world of the Dry Martini, a cocktail that stands as an emblem of elegance and class. At its heart lies the sharp and distinct flavor of Gilbey’s gin, creating a robust and aromatic foundation. This is meticulously balanced with a splash of dry vermouth, introducing subtle herbal undertones that enhance the gin’s character. Whether stirred to perfection or shaken with flair, the drink is then poured into a chilled glass, achieving a crystal-clear elegance. The final touch is a garnish of olives, adding a touch of brine and sophistication. The Dry Martini is not just a drink; it’s an experience of timeless elegance.


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