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Lunch with soft drink

Lunch with soft drink

Price: KSh2,500 / Per Day / Per Accommodation

Indulge in a midday retreat at Lemaiyan Suites, where lunch is a culinary journey accompanied by the refreshing fizz of your favorite soft drink. Our carefully curated lunch offerings promise a symphony of flavors that elevate your dining experience to new heights.

Gourmet Lunch Delights

At Lemaiyan Suites, lunch is an affair to remember. Our gourmet menu boasts a diverse selection of dishes, from locally inspired creations to international favorites. Each plate is meticulously crafted to offer a delectable fusion of tastes, ensuring a lunchtime experience that excites your taste buds.

Refreshing Soft Drink Pairing

Complement your lunch with the perfect thirst-quenching companion – a chilled and refreshing soft drink. Whether you fancy a classic cola, a zesty lemon-lime soda, or a fruit-flavored delight, our beverage selection is tailored to enhance the flavors of your meal, creating a harmonious and satisfying combination.

Casual Elegance in Dining

Dine in casual elegance at Lemaiyan Suites, where the ambiance is designed to enhance your lunchtime experience. Our inviting atmosphere, combined with attentive service, creates the perfect setting for a leisurely midday meal, whether you’re catching up with colleagues or enjoying a solo retreat.

Quick and Flavorful Options

Short on time? Our lunch offerings include quick and flavorful options that cater to the pace of your day. Enjoy a fulfilling meal without compromising on taste, allowing you to recharge and savor every moment of your lunch break.

Exceptional Service

Our commitment to exceptional service extends to the lunch table. Our attentive staff is dedicated to ensuring your dining experience is seamless and enjoyable, from the moment you order to the last sip of your soft drink.

Your Lunchtime Oasis

Whether you’re a guest at Lemaiyan Suites or a local seeking a delightful lunch spot, join us for a midday escape where culinary excellence meets refreshing indulgence. At Lemaiyan Suites, lunch is not just a meal – it’s a moment of bliss crafted to make your afternoons extraordinary.


KSh2,500 / Per Day / Per Accommodation

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